Gavin Stokes

UX Designer

Team lead at the Irish Revenue Commissioners, ICTL

MSc User Experience Design IADT, BSc Information Systems DCU, Degree Design DIT

Card image Blackboard Project
System Redesign

Blackboard Learn is a virtual learning environment and learning management system. The aim of the project was to design and evaluate a paper prototype for a specified part of the Blackboard interface that addressed specific user pain points and be capable of running on an i-pad.

Card image Dundrum cinema project
Cinema redesign

The aim of ths work was to take an existing application and redesign it with the aim of improving the user experience. It required quantitative qualitative research, creation of interactive digital wire frame prototype and usability testing, using an an iterative design process to identify solutions.

Card image accessible design project
Inclusive design.

The aim was to design a high-fidelity prototype to address a particular need while considering usability / inclusive design. The key aims, Minimal proto-personas and scenarios informed by secondary research. the creation of adesign system to inform an interactive, high fidelity prototype.

Card image speculative design
Speculative Design

A speculative deign project which researched the emerging technology of optoelectronic skins (OE-skins) which still in its very early stages of development looks promising as a future technology. Research was carried area of OE-skins as well as the processes for developing medical devices.

Card image cap
Final year thesis

Looked at and tested for the effects of aesthetic appeal on an individual’s propensity to trust as it relates to user profiles within the context of an organisations knowledge sharing. An extensive review of trust, aesthetic appeal and knowledge management combined with user research.