The Team

On September 27th we were assigned our team, my team consisted of myself, David Sheridan & Maria Treacy. David has a background in digital product design, while Maria has a background in fine art  and graphic design.I have a varied background  in Graphic design, web development, and management.After initial introductions we agreed that it would be best for each of us to have exposure to the first four tasks of the project

  1. Problem Identification
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. User Research
  4. Personas

Due the dispersed nature of our team we agreed that the best form of communication would be a private group on Slack and a Google site to store and reference all of our research material and content. The fact we were creating ad-hoc persona’s and are all students at the college made our experiences of using blackboard an excellent starting point for reviewing the system.

Upon going our separate ways I setup or new creative communication space on slack and fleshed out the Google site based on the tasks above. We each then spent the next few days reviewing the Blackboard system making ourselves familiar with the system and identifying pain points.



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