After we had completed the prototype and recorded it being used as  intended and documented any issues that we observed. We also  decided to take the opportunity to retest the final prototype using one of our original testers.

Final Prototype Video

User Testing

Using one of our original testers, we gave him the task of sending a group event and sending an email. With as little prompting as possible we observed and recorded the results. Between or testing and the user testing the following issues where identified

  • Search Filter– we did not have sufficient time to give the attention needed to clearly define this functionality, hence there was no documentation of it or its functionality.
  • Calendar – Our user seemed to have a slight issue with the order that the updating of calendar events was presented and commented that it would not have been how he expected it.
  • Icons – In one instance we used the same icons for users profile and for the contacts section.
  • Buttons – In certain cases it was felt that button labels did not clearly describe their intended action

Problems and Improvements

Primary Problem

We felt we  managed to address our primary problem of email by providing the following
An Inbox for receiving of emails and threaded conversations. Making the contact management part of the email system rather than a separate address book and fixed list of contacts. While at the same time removing the unnecessary steps to access or create an email and providing the functionality to create and edit groups.

Secondary Problems

We addressed our secondary problems through integration of the calendar into email and providing in context event creation and editing. We also addressed user confidence by providing user feedback through alerts and notifications, when creating events and and emails.

Further improvements

Possible further improvements based on final user observations covered various areas. Testing demonstrated a need to define the inbox filter system so that users could clearly see how this would function. Descriptive wording on various buttons and heading – for example using “create email” as opposed to “new email”
More Illustrative icons to reduce confusion.  Our contacts tab icon showed one figure, it should have showed a number of figures. Also it was confusing because it looked the same as the profile icon. The icon for our documents tab was perhaps to similar to the standard copy a document icon.

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