The Brief

The Brief for this project was as follows. As part of a group choose an existing application and redesign it with the aim of improving the user experience. It is to be an iterative process, which includes two iterations. It will also have a focus on developing and refining skills in the areas of user research, design and usability and improving skills in areas of least confidence of experience.
The aim of the assignment is to research, design and test an interactive digital wire frame prototype for (part) of an application.


Carry out user research using, at least one quantitative and at least one qualitative user research method. Develop a minimum of one persona using the data derived from this research, the persona should characterise the users of the application.

Document two ‘as is’ scenarios and develop two ‘to be’ scenarios which describe the resigned experience to be delivered

For one of the scenarios create an interactive digital wire frame prototype. This should describe how the current user experience could be improved.

Carry out usability testing to evaluate the first iteration of the prototype, this should inform the second iteration of the prototype addressing the identified issues

Present the finished work to classmates and IADT staff.

Key considerations

Identify one or more problems with the existing user experience, from these select one sufficiently complex problem for redesign ensuring it does not exceed the scope of the assignment.

Using user research identify the characteristics, goals, requirements and abilities of the users of your chosen application.

Based on the results of the research, and following an iterative design process, identify possible solutions to the selected problem. Refine these solutions into a single prototype and test that prototype. There should be one or more design iterations following this initial prototype.







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