How we worked as a team, what we might do differently, my input to the overall project and the project itself, probably require more than time than I have left at this stage.

How we worked as Team

As a team we had a very solid mix of people. Ali comes from a management position in front end development so she had great experience in using prototyping tools as well the process involved. She was essential to have when it came to quality control and took on the role that nobody enjoys, that of spotting issues which will blossom into something ugly and asking people to correct it.
Danielle is a freelance graphic designer and the quality of her work shows why she is, she was able to rapidly come up with inspiring solutions to problems using pen and paper. Her documentation skills are also exceptional and made sure that nothing went a miss no matter how old it was.
I personally am a jack of all trades with experience as of late in managing large IT projects and a background in front-end development, so I would hope that some of my time management skills managed to come into play and encouraged a line to be drawn under things when needed. My front end skills where also useful for the actual design end of the prototyping stage.

I don’t see how I could have asked for better team mates, each gave well more than was expected and drove each other to strive just that little bit more. A very high bar was set indeed.


Most of the communication was done over slack or via google hangouts, and at times in person which was essential for touching base. Communication about issues or design ideas was always open and very easy. Everyone’s opinion was valid¬† and taken on board and I don’t feel anyone was precious about their babies and quite willing to have them killed if the team felt they just were not a valid runner.

What I might do differently

If more time was allowed the following improvements could have been made to the user testing process itself. A fully functioning user prototype, possibly built using a framework such as Zurb Foundation or Bootstrap would have allowed us clearly see what true path users would follow when trying to perform the various scenarios. The existing prototype although it did reflect how people book movies, was to narrow and restrictive in its options for booking.
A fully functioning prototype would also have allowed us to test all of the possible functionality and its usefulness, as well obtaining a more realistic participant feedback.

A larger group of participants would have allowed for the collecting of more data while at the same time forcing each member to interview participants they had no prior history with. This would have created a more valid testing scenario and provided useful feedback as well as training for ourselves.

Other future additional testing might include a broader range of tasks, allowing a more thorough testing of the prototype elements such as the core navigation and the fixed order summary at the bottom of the page.

A wizard type guide which could easily be enabled or disabled by users, which could have helped guide less experienced users through the booking process, may also have proved useful.

My own input

I enjoyed the project although I did feel the timeline and workload were punishing, to say the least and required many additional days to be taken off work to complete, as there were other assignments due over the same period. This may have been down to us choosing a responsive prototype, but I don’t feel it was it was down to a time management issue.

The opportunity to work on storyboards although daunting at first turned out to be a lot easier than I imagined but it did take a bit of time to get used to. The field study trip to Dundrum, the thought of which was terrifying, was actually great to do once I got past the initial rejections.  Similarly other areas of the project such as data analysis which was fascinating, and has completely removed the ego from my future design work Overall the course so far has given me a lot of confidence in the area of UX.

Some regrets would be not carrying out more field study work, I think it would have proved very useful, but time was an issue. I personally felt I was a little stubborn ( not a lot ) when coming around to one or two ideas put forward by the others, but I think I owned up to that. Also, the presentation could have been handled better by myself as the body of work for this fell to Danielle which although she did a super job still wasn’t fair.


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