First Iteration Testing Material

As part of testing, we first created a number of test documents, which included scenarios, guides and consent forms. Some dry run tests where also carried out to identify any issues that may exist with the testing methods and also to allow myself become more familiar with the process.

Supporting Documentation

Tester’s introduction Script:

Welcome and Purpose

Thanks for taking part in this testing. We have prepared a prototype with some design improvements of the Movies @ Dundrum site and that’s what I would like to test with you today.

Test Facilitator’s Role

I am here to help you out if you need

Test Participant’s Role

I will ask you to search for information on this site to learn if it works well for you. We’ll do this by giving you scenarios or tasks to complete on the site. You are also asked to “think out loud” as you complete the scenarios, just verbalise what you are thinking.

Things to Keep in Mind

Here are some things that you should know about your participation:

  • This is not a test of you; It’s the site we are interested in testing. So don’t worry about making mistakes.
  • There is no right or wrong answer. We really just want to know if we designed the site well for you.
  • If you ever feel that you are lost or cannot complete a scenario with the information that you have been given, please let me know. I’ll ask you what you might do in a real-world setting and then either put you on the right track or move you on to the next scenario.
  • We will be video recording this session for further study if needed. Your name will not be associated or reported with data or findings from this evaluation
  • Finally, as you use the site, please do so as you would at home or your office. I do ask that when looking for information, you do so as quickly and as accurately as you can.

Do you have any questions before we begin?


Participant Consent Form


I, ______________________________________________, have read and fully understand the extent of the study and any risks involved.  All of my questions, if any, have been answered to my satisfaction.


My signature below acknowledges my understanding of the information provided in this form and indicates my willingness to participate in this user testing session. I have been given a blank copy of this consent form for my records.




Signature:___________________________                Date:________________



We create 3 test scenarios to test the current prototype which fulfilled our earlier defined goals created to meet user needs

Scenario 1: Book tickets for blockbuster

You want to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi tonight. We’d like you to book 2 tickets for you and your friend at 9pm. Try and get two Mezz seats and make sure the seats are beside each other.

You also want to get some popcorn, a drink and some sweets for the movie.

Scenario 2: Book tickets for a family movie

You’re planning a trip to the movies with your 2 young children and their friend. You want to go early afternoon and heard that Paddington 2 is out.

Find the movie Paddington 2 and book one adult ticket and three childrens tickets and make sure the seats are beside each other.

You want to get some food for the kids too. Select 3 child meals for them when booking the tickets.

Scenario 3: Save your loyalty number on the site

You have joined the Movies @ Dundrum loyalty program and received your card in the post recently. Find a way to save your loyalty number on the site so that it is available at checkout for future bookings.

Exit Questions/User Impressions

We also created the following exit questions to try catch any thoughts or issues that the users may have been thinking about but which had not openly voiced during interview

  • What is your overall impression of the Movies @ prototype you tested today?
  • What is your impression of the filter function?
  • Do you feel this site is current? Why?
  • What did you like best about the site?
  • What did you like least about the site?
  • Is there anything that you feel is missing on this site? (Probe: content or site features/functions)
  • If you were to describe this site to a colleague in a sentence or two, what would you say?
  • Do you have any other final comments or questions?


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