Personas & Scenarios

With our quantitative and qualitative data analysed and a set of actionable goals we began the task of giving life to our personas through the creation of primary and secondary personas and the scenarios to support them. This would help focus our decisions surrounding improvements to the current website and ensure we had an empathetic point of

reference for the user at all times.


Both primary and secondary personas are based on real-world data from the observational data and are traceable back to actual statements form users. And as discussed by Rogers et al. (2015), the personas are further supported by the data from the field survey and online survey, ensuring that the possibility for self-referential design is greatly reduced if not completely negated.


Based or previous data analysis we had established through the segmentation graph and our quantitative surveys that a large percentage of our participants are male, experienced, purchase tickets online via a computer or phone, will use the site for checking whats on and will also purchase food at the cinema.

Using this information we created our primary person Luke.

Fig 1: Primary persona, Luke (full size)

Gender: Male

Cinema Attendance: Once a month


Technical level:
Easy quick booking process
Order food and drink while booking
To book premium seats
Book online using mobile phone
Cant tell which screening is VIP,
Unsure of what he purchasing,
Cant buy food online,
Confirmation page has no order summary
Cinema Habits:
Goes for blockbusters,
Books VIP seating as its special event
Uses website on phone,
USally buys food

Table 2: Persona #1 summary


Although Luke fulfilled the majority of all user needs we decided to create a secondary persona. Not only as part of good practise but also as a result of our field study to ‘Movies @ Dundrum’ where we observed a considerable amount of single parents with kids. Also the fact that ‘Movies @ Dundrum’ as well as number of its competitors offer child friendly screenings and events suggested that the creation of a secondary persona which described this user would be beneficial.

To this end we created Rosemary…

Fig 2: Secondary persona, Rosemary
Fig 2: Secondary persona, Rosemary (full size)

Gender: Female

Cinema Attendance: Twice a month


Technical level:
Occupy her kids with movie,
Book tickets online from laptop,
Book for certain date,
Book food online
Kids are Hyperactive,
Having to scroll to find kids movie,
Cant find kids deal but can see it,
Cant figure out cheapest deal,
has to buy two medium deals
Cinema Habit:
Mainly goes with kids,
Mainly goes afternoon
Will also go shopping at Dundrum

Table 2: Persona #2 summary


As is Scenarios

We first created a rough outline of our scenarios using the Motivation, Intent, Action and Frustration as guidelines for describing our personas.

Character Luke Luke
Potential Problem 2
Motivation Wants to go see the latest Star Wars movie Wants to go see the latest Star Wars movie Wants to take her children and their friend to the cinema for a weekend treat. Doesn’t know what film she’s taking them to but will look it up on the website. Also going to book food online as a treat because her kids’ friend is coming.
Intent Go onto the website and book two tickets for himself and a friend on the opening night. He wants premium seats because this is a premium event Go onto the website and book two tickets for himself and a friend on the opening night. He wants to book aisle seats. Go onto the website on her laptop and book one adult and four child tickets with food as a treat.
Action He goes onto the website on his phone and tries to book tickets for a specific date He goes onto the website on his phone and tries to book tickets for a specific date She goes onto the Dundrum website and scrolls through the films looking for a film to watch with her kids and checking the rating. She settles on Paddington 2 and selects the title to see the full list of times and dates for screening. She wants to go next weekend so she selects an appropriate time (13:40)
Frustration He’s trying to book Star Wars so he clicks on the small thumbnail at the top of the home page. It brings him to the date and time selection, but he is unsure which tickets are the Mezz tickets he wants. He’s also confused by the types of screening– he’s unsure whether or not 4K is more expensive, but can’t find a 2D showing. He goes to book his tickets and all proceeds as normal until he gets to the seating selection. He books what he thinks are aisle seats near the back of the cinema, but is unsure of what direction the screen is in because of the design of the seat icon She chooses standard and wants to buy the four kids a kid meal deal but she can’t find it. She is also unsure about what you get in the meal deal, having never booked food online before. She realises she would have to compromise and order two “Sweet ticket medium combo deals” because she promised the kids she’d get them food at the cinema.
Resolution He eventually fumbles his way to booking the Mezz tickets he wants. Him and his friend end up in aisle seats but at the very front of the cinema. They have a not great time as a result She decides to not buy food online because she can’t find the meal deal advertised. This is very frustrating because she was hoping it would save time and money to buy online.

Table 3: Rough persona outlines

After we had established a solid foundation for our scenarios we began to flesh them out into more detailed scenarios ensuring to bear in mind the personas Motivation, Intent, Action and Frustration. After each scenario had been completed storyboards where generated. Both myself and Ali took on this task as neither of us had had any previous exposure to storyboard creation. I personally developed Rosemary’s storyboards for the As-is and To-be scenarios It did initially prove time consuming but efficiency increased with time and it was an extremely useful experience.

 As-is Scenario, Luke: Booking Premium Seats for Opening night

Luke is really excited about the upcoming release of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi and [motivation] wants to go see the movie with his good friend, Hans. He [intent] wants to get good seats for the opening night for himself and Hans – He wants premium seats because this is a premium event.

Luke [action] takes out his phone and goes to the Movies @ Dundrum website to book tickets for this Friday – opening night. Their website isnt responsive, so he zooms in with his finger.

He pans around the homepage and sees the thumbnail for 4K Star Wars: The Last Jedi close to the top of the page. He taps on it and it brings him to the date and time selection for the movie. He zooms in again with his fingers and studies the table of screening times and dates, scanning to find premium seats. He knows the premium area is called the Mezz, but he is [frustration]  unsure which screenings are for the Mezz. He notices that some screening times are marked with small text ‘MZ’. It is not explained anywhere on the page, which is annoying, but he assumes that those marked with ‘MZ’ are screenings for the Mezz. He taps on the 21:00 screening and goes forward to the ticket selection screen.

He scrolls down past the food combo offers to the ticket selection area to see what’s available. He thinks he has selected correctly … the ticket choice is for VIP 4K EVE Tickets. Yep, I’m a VIP, he decides, and chooses two tickets for Hans and him. [frustration] The tickets are expensive – €22 each! He’s not too sure why that is – is it because he’s chosen a movie in 4K? Perhaps, he thinks, but it’s not explained anywhere.  He also notices that [frustration] he can’t buy any food with his ticket, and is a little annoyed as the offers shown on the page makes him believe he can order. Never mind, he thinks, we can get that at the cinema on the night an goes ahead to choose seats.

On the seat selection page, despite the large unexplained gap on the page, he chooses seats towards the middle and goes ahead to the payment page. On that page, he [frustration] he can’t see a summary of what he is about to order. That’s annoying, he thinks, and is too tired at the prospect of going back, so he [resolution] goes ahead with booking.

On getting to the confirmation screen, he excitedly calls Hans to tell him cancel his plans for this Friday – they have a very important place to be!

Table 4: As is scenario, Luke

Fig 3: As-is Storyboard, Luke (full size)

Fig 4: As-is Storyboard, Luke (full size)


Fig 5: As-is Storyboard, Luke (full size)

Fig 6: As-is Storyboard, Luke (full size)
As-is Scenario, Rosemary: Booking booking movie kids next week

Its Saturday afternoon and Rosemary has decided to [motivation] take her three kids to see a movie next Sunday at Dundrum Cinema as the [motivation] weather is to be bad and another Sunday of the kids running amuck in the house is not an option. As a favour to her friend Susan, she has also agreed to take her friends child along. 

Sitting at the kitchen table she [Action] opens up her laptop and browses to the Dundrum Cinema website to book tickets, while at the same time telling her two youngest to stop harassing the dog. [Action]She lands on the homepage of the website and scrolls through the list of movies trying to find something suitable for the kids to watch. She decides Paddington Bear 2  is most likely the best option, much to the disappointment of her oldest daughter.

[Action]She selects the movie and the website navigates her to the beginning of the booking processes. [Action]She chooses the standard booking and as a treat, she wants to book food for the kids. She has seen the offer for the ‘Child’s Kid Pack + Ticket’ so decides to book this. She scrolls down the list of ticket options but [frustration] cant see the offer in the list of available options. She scrolls back up and re-checks the offer to make sure she hasn’t got the name of the offer wrong, shes hasn’t. [frustration] She scrolls down again and double checks all the offers and still can’t find it, finally she reads the text under the offer but can’t find anything of use.

At this stage, the two younger kids have taken the opportunity of her distraction to cut the dogs hair, while her oldest is performing a form of Chinese water torture through nagging for a different movie. [frustration] Her level of frustration is quite high as she tries to decide what is the best option out of the available deals.[frustration]  She realises she will have to purchase two “Sweet ticket medium combo deals”  and two children’s tickets, as well as one adult and, have the kids share. She opts not to buy any food online as sharing when it comes to sweets is no kids strong point.

[frustration] She is quite annoyed as she thought she would save money based on the advertised deal has only wasted time trying to to book the food, [resolution] she quickly books the 4 kids tickets and one adult’s ticket just in time to see her two youngest add the final touches to the dogs new haircut.

Table 5: As is scenario, Rosemary


Fig 4: Storyboard, Rosemary
Fig 7: As-is Storyboard, Rosemary (full size)

Fig 4: Storyboard, Rosemary
Fig 8: As-is Storyboard, Rosemary (full size)


To be Scenarios

To help visualise how we might begin to redesign ‘Movies @ Dundrum’ we created ‘To-be’ scenarios in a similar manner to the above ‘As-is’ scenarios.

The goal in using ‘To-be’ scenarios is to provide insights into solutions by removing the restrictions of current solutions or technology or as Preece et al. (2015 ), describe it envisioning the futuristic situation. Personally, I prefer  Copper et al. (2014) explanation of, “Imagining its magic” so as to simplify the interaction as much as possible and providing the possibility for novel solutions.

Primary Persona Luke:To-be

To be Scenario, Luke: Booking Premium Seats for Opening night

Luke is really excited about the upcoming release of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi and [motivation] wants to go see the movie with his good friend, Hans. He [intent] wants to get good seats for the opening night for himself and Hans – He wants premium seats because this is a premium event.

Luke [action] takes out his phone and goes to the Movies @ Dundrum website to book tickets for this Friday – opening night. Their site is responsive and he finds Star Wars straight away on the promo hero and taps on it.

On the Star Wars page, he scrolls past the details to the booking section. He notes that the synopsis is hidden and he needs to click to read it. He’s not concerned with the synopsis though – he’ll be seeing the movie soon anyway!

[action]His chooses 4K from the screening types and the pages scrolls him to the next section smoothly. He sees that the dates and times update based on his selection for 4K screenings. [action] He chooses his date – Friday, opening night. The page gently scrolls him to bring the times into view. He notes that the times also update based on the day he selected.

Looking at the times, he sees that some of them have notes on them. The earliest show has a note ‘HOH’ with an info icon. [action]He clicks on it and a layer pops ups explaining ‘HOH’ means Screenings for those you are Hard of Hearing. Other notes are explained here also, including the Mezz – these are marked with a note ‘MEZZ’. He closes the layer and sees that the later screening for 9pm notes ‘MEZZ’. Thats the one I want, he thinks, and taps on 9pm.

The page scrolls to show the ticket selection choices. It has defaulted 2 Adult tickets. He keeps scrolling and sees that there is a section to buy food before arriving at the cinema. He thinks for a moment and decides that Popcorn is definitely on the menu for him. Assuming the same for Hans, [action] he orders 2 popcorns. He sees that the total price is pinned to the bottom of the screen and updates as he adds to the order. [action] He chooses 2 drinks too and as the page scrolls down, there is a note highlighting to him that he could save €1.50 if he adds some sweets to his order. He’s tempted … and likes that the saving is highlighted to him. Thinking, you only live once, [action] he adds to bags of sweets to his order and clicks the button to ‘Continue to seat selection’.

[action] He chooses 2 seats close the the middle. When he chooses his seats, he sees that the view point for each seat points towards the screen, allowing him to easily see which is the back or the front of the cinema.

[resolution] He goes forward with the booking and after he pays, he sees that he has the option to save the tickets to his phone. He does this, thinking it will save on the queues at the ticket machine.

He excitedly calls Hans to tell him cancel his plans for this Friday – they have a very important place to be!

Table 6: To be scenario, Luke

Secondary Persona Rosemary:To-be

To be Scenario, Rosemary: Booking booking movie kids next week

[motivation] Rosemary has decided as a treat for the kids and take them to the cinema. The weather is extremely miserable out and the kids are in doors running amuck and [intent] Rosemary does not want a repeat of the current nightmare next week.

[action]Rosemary opens her laptop and enters the URL for Dundrum Cinema, she is taken to the homepage of the cinema website where she immediately sees the options for finding movies. [action]Rosemary enters the date she wants to go to the cinema, she is not sure what time wants to go at but wants to see what movies are available on that day. She clicks the find movies button and is presented with a list of Movies. At the top of the page is an option to filter the movies by various options, one of these is kids movies. [action]She selects the kid’s movies filter. The kids are about to restyle the dogs hair, which Rosemary manages to prevent via a yell a yodeller would be proud of. She scrolls through the list of kids movies and sees Paddington Bear 2, she clicks the more info link.

The movie page presents her with a synopsis of the movie, the age its suitable for, and the time it starts and finishes. She then sees the various times and dates available and [action] selects 1.OO pm on a Saturday. She then [action] selects the number of tickets she wants, 2 for her children and one for herself. She can see her current total and decides that considering the price that she’ll treat the kids and avail of one the offers the cinema provides when booking online.

[action] She decides to get 2 childrens special offers and adds these to the overall purchase, the website informs of her current total. Rosemary is happy with the price and proceeds to select the seats for the movie, she [action] changes the default selection so that she is next to an isle as she knows the kids will have to go to the toilet at some stage. With her seats selected she [action] proceeds to book and pay for the tickets.

On the payment page she can see all the items she has purchased, the time and date of the movie and the total cost. Just then she realises she had promised her friend Susan that she would take her son along on the next day out, she sees the option to edit the booking. [action] She selects the option and returns to update her booking, with her current selection still saved, [action] she adds another child’s tickets as well as another child’s meal deal, on the seating section the website has automatically selected the next seat adjacent to her current seats, so Rosemary accepts this, [action] checks her current total is not going to require a small loan and continues to the payment page. [resolution]  She reviews her booking and enters her email for the booking.

When she receives the booking via email there is an option to add the tickets to her phones wallet, she does this and then reviews them on the phone to make sure they are there.

Table 7: To be scenario, Rosemary


Fig 9: To-be Storyboard, Rosemary (full size)

Fig 10: To-be Storyboard, Rosemary (full size)

[Due to time constraints, it was not possible to complete Rosemary’s To-be storyboard]

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