Competitor Analysis – Part 3

The Odeon cinema was chosen as the third and final competitor as its a multiplex cinema similar to both Dundrum and VUE. Similar to these it offers various types of screening such as 3D, iSense and 4k as well as targeting different demographics through the types of screening available . It focuses heavily on obtaining customer loyalty through

various membership options.

Fig 1: Odeon homepage

Odeon Website

The Odeon website uses a mixture of a fixed width and full screen features such as its carousel and its primary navigation, and is non-responsive. It has a consistent colour palette of blue and white with yellow being reserved mainly for calls to action. Overall its a quite content heavy website with many various offers, competitions and promotions which all feature heavily through out, causing a certain level of information overload. As per the previous competitors it offers screenings outside the normal viewings, such as cultural events and live shows. It also targets various demographics such as stay at home parents and senior citizens.


The Odeon uses a confusing array of navigational options which are not all consistent across the site, with some used only on particular sections. The core navigation which is persisted through the site (fig 2), is  quite clear and ease to use.

Fig 2: Odeon Core Navigation
Fig 2: Odeon Core Navigation

It features two levels, the first of which provides functionality around personal accounts as well a quick book option. The functionality for the Quick Book is hidden until the user clicks the button to reveal it (fig 3), this functionality can be seen in both the Stella and VUE website

Fig 3: Odeon quick book
Fig 3: Odeon Quick Book

Below this first level is a second level of navigation, which for myself was more prominent than the the navigation above it, which led me to initially miss the quick book option. This menu system uses what is called a Mega Menu (fig 4)

Fig 4: Odeon Mega Menu
Fig 4: Odeon Mega Menu

Each section features a large amount of content well beyond that of a normal menu. Mega Menus are considered to work well for website navigation  as they allow for groupings of data and visualisation of relationships through graphics, although they can become overwhelming through the inclusion of overly complex information and GUI elements (Nielsen & Angie, 2017), (2017)., Something which the Odeon suffers from.

(I appear to have accidentally deleted part of this review, and due to time constraints cant amend )



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