The Chosen One

After much deliberation and discussion, we decided as a team that the most suitable candidate that would lend it itself to fulfilling the assignment brief was Dundrum Cinema. We came to this decision for various informed and personal reasons. The personal reasons where based on our interaction and use of the site as well as the the fact that its location made it easily accessible

for all team members. It was also one of the the only candidates where the possibility of direct access to management through a team member was a possibility.


These and the more informed reasons will be discussed below.

Our initial review of the Dundrum cinema website highlighted a number of issues, confusing and unclear navigation, use of terminology and language which was vague or misleading, large volumes of information, as well a confusing and complex booking process.

Movies At Dundrum Movies
Movies At Dundrum homepage

Dundrum cinema offers an array options beyond the standard screening of movies as well as numerous special offers and deals which although interesting add to the already confusing navigation and layout. These issues combined with a poor of choice of colour scheme, which lacks contrast and which fails to provide decent spacing between various elements of the site, leads to a website which is visually unappealing,  overloaded with information and complex to navigate and use. Visual appeal has been show by Lindgaard, et al. (2006, 2011) to play a major role in user adoption.
The following table lists the possible issues we discovered on an initial review of the site, this is not an exhaustive list and was further added to and edited after user surveys and observations.

Area Issue
Visual Appeal/Layout
  • Header is confusing due to fonts and the fact that latest advertised movie  appears first.
  • Hard to understand that the first block of information (carousel) is showing latest movies
  • Date/Booking functionality uses buttons identical to tickets buttons and is not clearly called out making this section confusing
  • Not clear where to click to open the movie to view times
  • Not clear how to book a movie once on the movies page
  • Not clear how to move back to previous page of booking
  • Kids Club, Mornings, Cinema Info and Extras all have dedicated sections with side navigation. Other areas – Event Cinema, Competitions, The Mezz, Homepage, Coming Soon all break this pattern and have no side navigation
  • Not clear how to book a movie once on the movies page
  • Booking page puts actual booking functionality at the bottom and displays info first
  • Seating Map – no legend to explain different colours / types of seat. You have to read a block of text to understand what each seat type means.
  • Summary of my booking persists as I move through booking, seating plan, payment – this is good
  • Button to complete payment – The button is un-styled and easily missed. It also appears outside the booking block, so it’s not easily associated with the booking.
  • To much detail on each movie on homepage forcing user to scroll to find movie
  • Large amount of content on booking page which hides booking functionality
  • Column  on right of site – all the deals are here – very overwhelming
  • Live Events – the first paragraph on each should give me details of performance, however it repeats the same info about live broadcasts in general. You have to remember to look at the second paragraph to get specific info on each listing. Also, information trails off and you have to click on the title of the live event to see full detail
  • Payment screen takes user out of website
  • Viewing any movie in detail takes you away from home page

Website Vs Phone App

At this stage we had not made a decision as regards choosing the cinema app or the website for our subject but through some informal interviews and a review of the cinemas app itself we did come to the following conclusions about the App.

Dundrum App
Dundrum App
 Area  Issue
Visual Appeal/Layout
  • Flat duo tone colour scheme
  • Large amount of space taken over by logo at top of screen
  • No standardising of movie titles, and fonts allowed to scale to fit.
  • Inconsistent chunking of data, with certain pages applying different styles
  • Limited use of guttering and spacing between blocks of data
  • To select  a seat you must hold your finger on desired seat, this is unclear and takes  2-3 seconds to take affect
  • Unclear that items in the  movies and events list are actual buttons which link to further information
  • Book now button is quite small and on the bottom right of the the screen, although it is fixed so doesn’t disappear if scrolling. It also gives your current total
  • Payment details uses a affirmative check for compulsory fields, breaking form established norms.
  • No consistent app wide navigation and user must return to home to access other areas
  • Limited affordance on buttons, flat one colour minimalist look and feel
  • Navigation split in two with secondary items appearing after the list of movies
  • Available dates for booking or in one long list with times beneath each, could have been better management through a date picker or option list.
  • Cancelling at payment details screen causes the flow to move back 2 screens
  • Loading timer appears for various pages

We also found through casual interviews that many people who frequent Dundrum cinema where either completely unaware of the Cinemas phone App or had used it and given up on it due to it not saving user information and forcing users to re-enter data. Casual interviews also revealed that people where unlikely to install a mobile phone app for just one cinema when the website could be easily accessed via a phone.

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