After forming into our relevant teams, in my case Danielle and Ali were my team mates, we set about establishing a list of possible candidates that might full fill the requirements of the brief. We had no real constraints or possibilities in mind at this stage and the candidates were many and varied. It would also be our first experience of working as a Team towards a joint decision.

Before beginning the process of identifying candidates we created a Google site to document our list of possible candidates and to act as a repository for future ideas, notes, and data. We also established a project plan using google calendar. All raw data relating to this project can be accessed here.

The list of candidates was numerous and covered various areas from meteorological websites to animal rescue. We each suggested possibles candidates and reviewed the website, application or mobile site, in some cases this included both a website and mobile application.

The main goal at this stage was to establish if the possible candidate would sufficiently full fill the scope of the brief without being overly complex, it would also be or the first experience of each others working and negotiating style as part of a team. The below table is a lit of those possible candidates with a summary of our findings for each. For a more detailed review please see the following page on the Google site.



Candidate Summary
Snapchat App
  • Navigation Inconsistent  – When viewing pics in Memories, not easy to understand how to get out of it and back to snaps/camera roll. When viewing pics in Memories not easy to understand how to take an action with the picture
  • Poor Affordance – It doesn’t feel like clicking here swipes you to a new area
  • Photos – Easy to pick whatever augmented reality you want and easy to understand how to take a picture.
 Avivastadium Website
  • Information overload – Homepage overwhelming
  • Mobile version poor – Navigation to small
  • Poor categorisation – Information difficult to find
  • Poor feedback – Hover over merchandise  just home icon appears
  • Misleading information- Seating plan on site makes you associate that with being able to book, but no booking.
  • Call to actions poor – Only real action is to book a tour and the rest being informational Website
  • Cinema App – functional, returns listings and times for all cinemas
  • Favorites list – great, but doesn’t fully remove a listing if a cinema disappears.
  • Lacking functionality  – Doesn’t link to cinema to for cinema and continue booking elsewhere
  • Broken functionality – Show times not displaying
  • Information lacking – Reviews from if available, but no synopsis of movie Ratings from
 Bulk Rename Utility
  • Not user-friendly – Requires expert-level of familiarity to use
  • Confusing  Even if all those forms are required, they’re not self-explanatory– difficult to understand what you’re looking at
  • Not a lot of user testing available— except for complete newbies. We should probably have people familiar with the program testing it, so that could make things difficult
 Steam App
  • Navigation Inconsistent –  options within the application are scattered in too many sub menus  difficult to find(EG: wishlist) Friendslist not immediately visible Inventory is difficult and awkward to use Profile looks dated Progress in games (IE Tomb Raider – 57% complete) would be nice Greenlit mode almost impossible to find Mobile version is very buggy
  • Complex navigation –  Community pages for games are very difficult to navigate; not a lot of content hierarchy
  • Lots of users available for user testing! Doesn’t require needing to purchase anything particularly (like the cinema app might)
 Park by Text App
  • Poor navigation – Home screen just a menu list, but does contain everything possible with the app. Not very intuitive, you have to concentrate and read through all options. To park, you need to login and user have multiple paths to login – perhaps persistent login, or using a pin number would be better Map is great but perhaps would be a better starting point. Can top up easily No design thought put into app
 Apple Mail on iPhone
  • Navigation poor –  Easy to make a mistake and archive a mail through swiping – no easy way to undo Takes about 4 clicks to mark something as junk
  • Tech issue  Doesn’t always mark a mail as read
  • Poor affordance – When viewing a mail, the icons are difficult to understand
  • Categorisation – Language used doesn’t always make sense –
  • Formatting – Limited choice.
Dublin City Council Website
  • Poor Overall Design – Cluttered Text poorly laid out with inconstant white spacing for gutters
  • Navigation poor – Key navigation poorly defined & laid out
  • Calls to action  Confusing
  • Overall – Feels like a design was half implemented Bit of a minefield probably too big to take on.
  Garda Website
  • Design -Very dated, extremely cluttered, colour scheme flat
  • Navigation – Small and does not stand out,
  • Information Overload – Content is overwhelming No chunking of data
  • Information difficult to find – Some news items buried within sites and cant be found on homepage No app (shocking)
  • Calls to action – No calls to action
  • Maybe too big to take on
  Blue Cross
  • Categorisation poor – uses confusing terminology
  • User focus mixed – Splits between business and customer
  • Information overload –  To much detail in calls to action
  • Poor Accordance – calls to action confusion as where to click
Ash Animal Rescue Website
  • Poor overall design – Very dated website limited functionality, unstructured layout
  • Poor Categorisation – All of the information of all of the animals is on one page, with not a lot of information available. Cats for adoption are listed in alphabetical order, so it’s hard to see if a new cat has arrived
  • Poor layout – News and important information is right at the bottom of the home page.
  • Mobile poor –  Not optimised for many devices, tablets, phones, even desktop!!
  • Poor Navigation – A – Z listing – only way to view listings. No categorisation Pics on homepage look clickable but are not, no search No dedicated news/blog or events No faqs
  • Poor Accordance – Pics in listing pages are clickable but it just opens image in separate page
 Met Eireann
  • Overall design – Dated, not responsive, clustering of information and unbalanced,
  • Navigation poor – Multiple navigation options. No clear calls to action
  • App – No navigation across app,  but is easy to use
  • Repeated content – Tweets repeat forecast so a bit useless
  • Calls to action poor – Rainfall radar great but could be more a feature perhaps? News way too low down the page .


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