The Brief

The Brief for this project was as follows. As part of a group choose an existing application and redesign it with the aim of improving the user experience. It is to be an iterative process, which includes two iterations. It will also have a focus on developing and refining skills in the areas of user research, design and usability and improving skills in areas of least confidence of experience.
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After forming into our relevant teams, in my case Danielle and Ali were my team mates, we set about establishing a list of possible candidates that might full fill the requirements of the brief. We had no real constraints or possibilities in mind at this stage and the candidates were many and varied. It would also be our first experience of working as a Team towards a joint decision.

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The Chosen One

After much deliberation and discussion, we decided as a team that the most suitable candidate that would lend it itself to fulfilling the assignment brief was Dundrum Cinema. We came to this decision for various informed and personal reasons. The personal reasons where based on our interaction and use of the site as well as the the fact that its location made it easily accessible

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Data Refinement

To ensure we were using a user-centred design approach and had a point of reference when developing our prototype we created a primary and secondary persona. These personas were informed by or qualitative and quantitative data.  Scenarios were then developed around them for both the existing website and for how we imagined the

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Personas & Scenarios

With our quantitative and qualitative data analysed and a set of actionable goals we began the task of giving life to our personas through the creation of primary and secondary personas and the scenarios to support them. This would help focus our decisions surrounding improvements to the current website and ensure we had an empathetic point of

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Paper Prototyping

Using all of our previous research data and data analysis results, we had defined a clear set of user goals and the tasks need to complete these goals.  For our first iteration, we carried out a series of task analysis exercises before each team  completed there own rough paper prototypes which we then refined it initial working prototypes, and finally a low fidelity first iteration for user testing Continue reading “Paper Prototyping”


Although we did not have the time to carry out the second raft of user testing, an amended prototype was created using everything learnt from the first iterations testing. We took on aboard users observations, there issues when using the prototype and combined some of our personal observations into the final version.

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